Body care
ENERGY PRODUCTS steht für bewährte und gesundheitsfördernde Produkte von höchster Qualität im Einklang mit Natur und Umwelt. Produziert werden ausschliesslich Detox-Produkte, welche komplett von schädlichen Zusatzstoffen befreit sind. ENERGY PRODUCTS sind vollkommen unschädlich. Die Natur liegt uns am Herzen und darum sind wir strikte Gegner der leidbringenden und lebensverachtenden Tierversuche der Kosmetik-Industrie.
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ENERGY PRODUCTS stands for proven and health-promoting products of the highest quality, which are in harmony with nature and the environment. Only detox products are produced, which are completely free of harmful additives. We are strict opponents of the cruel and life-despising animals testing in the cosmetics industry.

ENERGY ACTIVATOR GEL – Energy stimulating body gel.

ENERGY ACTIVATOR GEL- like a natural protective shield fort the skin.

Numerous strains burden our body and immune systeme every day. Our skin is particularly vulnerable to external influences, because it is exposed to numerous visible and invisible strains in everyday life.

ENERGY ACTIVATOR GEL forms a protective film for the skin when massaged in. The body gel has a slightly cooling effect when applied and soothes the skin. It keeps the skin supple and at the same time promotes its natural elasticity. The skin is relieved and its physical ability is supported. As a result, the body and immune system have more energy at their disposal. This counteracts tension, fatigue and stress. ENERGY ACTIVATOR GEL is a pure Swiss quality product.

MACA Q10 FACE BALANCE CREAM -Professional skin regeneration

MACA Q10 FACE BALANCE CREAM – First-class detox cream for the relief of stressed facial skin. The excellent properties of the MACA root, together with the natural active substance Q10, result in a biologically well-tolerated skin care with a tested anti-aging effect. MACA Q10 FACE BALANCE CREAM has a slightly cooling effect, soothes tired and stressed skin and promotes its elasticity. MACA Q10 FACE BALANCE CREAM is a pure Swiss quality product. It can be used as a day and night cream.

HAIR ACTIVATOR – Energized hair growth stimulant. The HAIR ACTIVATOR by ENERGY PRODUCTS is a hair growth stimulant which stops hair loss.

SHAMPOO & ACTIVATOR – Energized hair care, completely free of toxins. SHAMPOO & ACTIVATOR is a pure Swiss quality hair care product. When used regularly, its «activator» function stimulats the hair pores and hair roots and thereby supports hair growth.


Zinc and vitamin C strengthen the immune system and protect the cells against the penetration of viruses and oxidative stress.

Cell-Protect also contains frequency components for cell regeneration and thus causes a strong anti-aging function including electrosmog protection with 5G.

New: It stimulates the blood circulation and helps to lose weight.