ENERGY PRODUCTS steht für bewährte und gesundheitsfördernde Produkte von höchster Qualität im Einklang mit Natur und Umwelt. Made in Switzerland. Wir entwickeln elektromagnetische Schutzfunktionen und energetisch belebende Produkte für Menschen, Tiere und Pflanzen. Unsere Erfahrung: Das Wohlbefinden für alle Lebewesen, kann mit Hilfsmitteln im heutigen technischen Zeitalter wiederhergestellt werden. Daran arbeiten wir seit über 30 Jahren sehr erfolgreich.
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For 30 years we have been developing products with electromagnetic protective functions for people, animals and the environment. Our know-how, many years of experience and many satisfied customers are the best proof of our success. We are the professionals for energy products.


Dear customers

We are there for you with our products even during turbulent times!


Thanks to intensive research and rapid technical progress, we have now succeeded in further improving some of our highly functional products.


Protect yourself now with:

  • Cell-Protect Zink Vitamin C
  • Bodyguard S
  • Bodyguard Bioresonance
  • Atmospherer M-25/M-50, L-100/L-200
  • E-SMOG PROTECTOR watches


Our proven electrosmog and bioresonance products not only protect against electromagnetic radiation and stabilize the cell’s own frequencies. Since March 23, 2020, they have a NEW function that additionally strengthens our immune system and can thus optimally protect us against any virus attack. This new feature is also available for purchased products as a paid update.


Stay healthy!

Your Hanspeter Coufal and the Energy Products Team


stands for proven and health-promoting products of the highest quality, in harmony with nature and the environment. We develop electromagnetic protection functions and energizing products for people, animals and plants.


Our experience: the well-being of all living beings, can be restored with aids in today’s technical age. We have been working on this very successfully for over 30 years.

  • Better quality of life.
  • We are the pioneers in the field of energy products, since 1989.
  • We are an innovative Swiss company and independently develop and produce quality products.
  • Our mission: well-being for people, animals, plants and the environment.
  • Quality of life without chemicals, additives or other burdens.
  • We love our work and develop in the service of people and nature.
  • We have many years of experience and know-how. We know what we do.
  • Thousands of satisfied customers.
  • We are THE PROFESSIONALS for energy products for 30 years now.

The perfect biological wall dry system without structural renovation!

A musty odour, damp atmosphere and damaged plaster are unpleasant and affect the living environment. In addition, the value of the building object is devaluated sustainably.

Moisture damage can be caused by capillary moisture, which can rise up to two meters.

The constant examination of the topic and the consequent research of the phenomena with strong capillary moisture, led to development of the RONDOM wall dry system, which has been tried and tested for around 30 years.


The radiation exposure continues to increase.  It is impossible not to be exposed to radiation.  Also in our houses, gardens and in nature.  Many people, animals and plants suffer from it.  The consequences: growth disorders, insomnia and damage to health.  We have a solution with which you can protect yourself and increase your well-being.

What we eat determines who we are.  Water and food are polluted by environmental influences.  We absorbe these and they become part of us.  With our energy products you can revitalise the water and food and energize them highly.  It has never been easier to do something for your health and wellbeing.

Insect repellent

We have developed an effective insect repellent without chemicals or poison. Insects can really spoil fun! But they have their justification in nature, because they perform countless important functions. Insect-Protect devices keep mosquitoes, flies, horse flies and wasps away by means of targeted frequency patterns without killing them. Beneficial organisms remain. A revolution in insect protection.


ENERGY PRODUCTS stand for future and health-promoting products of the highest quality in better harmony with nature and the environment. Only detox products are produced, which are completely free of harmful additives. Nature is important to us and we are strict opponents of the painful and life-despising animal experiments in the cosmetics industry.


Our four areas for your increased quality of life